Agenda and minutes

Joint Waste and Recycling Committee - Friday 7th June 2019 2.00 pm

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Election of Chairman

To elect a Member of the Joint Waste and Recycling Committee to be Chairman for the municipal year.


RESOLVED: That Councillor Galley be elected Chairman of the Joint Waste and Recycling Committee for the ensuing municipal year.


Election of Vice-Chairman

To elect a Member of the Joint Waste and Recycling Committee to be Vice-Chairman for the municipal year.


RESOLVED: That Councillor Dowling be elected Vice-Chairman of the Joint Waste and Recycling Committee for the ensuing municipal year.



To authorise the Chairman to sign the Minutes of the meeting held on 26 April 2019 as a correct record of the proceedings.


The Chairman was authorised to sign the minutes of the meeting held on 26 April 2019 as a correct record of the proceedings.


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors P. Chowney (HBC), C. Dowling (ESCC), K. Field (RDC), C. Fitzgerald (HBC), Chris Bone – Waste Manager (WDC), Simon Hubbard – Director of Operational Services (HBC), Scott Lavocah – Contracts Manager (RDC), Cameron Morley – Waste and Cleansing Manager (HBC), Robin Vennard – Assistant Director Resources (RDC) and Karl Taylor – Assistant Director Operations and Contract Management (ESCC).


Biffa Update

To receive a presentation from the Contractor on the updated mobilisation plan for the Waste Collection, Recycling, Street and Beach Cleaning and Associated Services Contract.


The Senior Operations Project Manager led Members through Biffa’s presentation which provided an update on the progress of the mobilisation plan for the Waste Collection, Recycling, Street and Beach Cleaning and Associated Services Contract.  During the presentation the following points were noted:


·       Weekly meetings were being held to review previous minutes and mobilisation plan; assess and update the risk register; and all demobilisation information had been received from Kier.

·       Communications Plan included regular updates with staff, key meetings with regional/union representatives (GMB/Unison), Comfort meetings (open door policy), interaction with Kier staff and a welcome pack; positive feedback had been received.  Staff surveys were ongoing and work continued with the Partnership to ensure a clear message on the new collection arrangements for co-mingled glass with recycling.

·       Fleet: front-line vehicles had been ordered.  The FTA (monitors driving hours) system was already in use and would be retained.  The HGV operator licence (O Licence) had been transferred, all assets agreed, as well as livery and vehicle wrapping format.  The O Licence at Bellbrook would be increased and parking location security implemented.  Regular updates were being received from the supplier.

·       Work had been undertaken to ensure all HR requirements were established and embedded which included regular reviews with Kier; a welcome pack; training matrix was received and highlighted staffing gaps, Comfort meetings, the supply of Employee Liability Information data; 1:2:1 reviews completed with 240 staff; and transformation programme post contract (job titles etc.).  Annual Leave Policy would be standardised for all staff (April to March).

·       The following had been completed as part of progression on the IT systems and infrastructure, namely Tom Toms and Smart phones ordered; Biffa “To Be Live” created – Whitespace data to feed Tom Toms etc.; cabling surveys; creation of round identification; and simplified network systems.  IT equipment had been ordered, testing was ongoing. 

·       Properties: conditional and structural surveys had been completed at each location, the transfer of assets e.g. furniture agreed, leases shortly to be agreed and solicitors appointed.  Statutory compliance documentation was still being received from Kier.  Agreement had been reached to transfer Bellbrook’s permit.

·       All Health and Safety activities had been or were scheduled to be completed including training gaps identified.

·       A robust training programme would be established across all areas to ensure a professional management and skilled workforce.  Six driver training courses had been established and were well attended.  Further sessions were scheduled post contract start.

·       Operation: uniforms and street cleansing barrows ordered, risk assessments received, red flag properties identified, organisation structure established, all replacement signs ready for contract start, support to “Go Live” identified to assist on day one.

·       All identified risks would be closely monitored.

·       Camber Sands: Biffa had experience of managing beach contracts throughout UK.  Meetings were scheduled with key Rother staff to understand past issues and discuss future requirements.

·       High Speed Roads: Detailed risk assessments would be undertaken; staff training implemented; necessary permits sought; and co-ordinate with third party agencies.


At the conclusion of the presentation, Members had the opportunity to ask  ...  view the full minutes text for item JWRC19/5.


Client Side Mobilisation Update pdf icon PDF 300 KB


Waste, recycling, street and beach cleaning and other associated services would be provided by Biffa Municipal Limited from 29 June 2019.  It was noted that Hastings Street Cleansing and Bulky Waste Services would be provided directly by Hastings Borough Council and therefore sat outside the remit of the Joint Waste and Recycling Committee.  The local authorities were currently working with Biffa to mobilise the new Contract. 


Throughout June, Project Review Meetings were being held with Biffa to progress the project plan and review mobilisation risks, as well as ICT workshops and conference calls.  Arrangements had also been made for Biffa to meet Veolia South Downs Ltd and East Sussex Highways.


The project risk register had been updated to capture specific transfer and mobilisation risks.  Risks were being monitored and updated on a weekly basis.  Members were updated on the risks considered significant at the previous meeting:


1)    Service Data: Collection rounds and other data from each Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) system had been imported into the new Waste Management System.  A further up-load would be undertaken mid-June and cross checked.  This risk would not be de-escalated until all tests and checks were completed. 

2)    Depots: Leases were agreed as of 7 June 2019, pending one matter in regard to the Bulverhythe Depot.  It was anticipated that all paperwork would be finalised within the next 7/10 calendar days.

3)    Customer Contact (arising from public communications): Bin hangers would be hung on bins prior to 28 June to advise residents they should no longer present their black glass box for collection.

4)    Customer Contact (arising from operational issues): This risk had been de-escalated pending confirmation of the scale and intended implementation date for collection round changes.

5)    Development of Waste Management System: Biffa’s Whitespace System was being integrated with each Partners Firmstep System.  Each system operated independently therefore, each Council was responsible for undertaking their own integration work.  It was anticipated that some services would not be integrated by 29 June, which meant that interim solutions would be required.  This was considered a significant risk and was high priority for the Project Manager.

6)    Service Transfer: Service requirement dates had been agreed, as follows: last date to request a replacement container would be 14 June.  Some delays would be inevitable at the start of the contract.


All risks would be monitored and the risk register updated accordingly.


In terms of client mobilisation, contract execution had been planned for 7 June.  Invoicing, payment and cost recovery processes were being reviewed and refreshed to minimise the issues at the start of the contract. 


Arrangements to handle the disposal of dry mixed recycling were being procured by East Sussex County Council (ESCC).  ESCC had appointed Viridor (3 years) to dispose of and handle all materials from 29 June.  All materials would be taken to Pebsham (Hastings/Rother) and Maresfield (Wealden) Transfer Stations.  Glass would be co-mingled with all dry mixed recycling.  As a result of global market changes, Members were advised that the new  ...  view the full minutes text for item JWRC19/6.