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Audit and Standards Committee

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Information about Audit and Standards Committee

The Audit and Standards Committee meets four times per year (June, September, December and March) and comprises eight Members of the Council. The Committee’s Audit functions and delegations include: internal and external audit, Regulatory Framework in respect of financial and risk management and statutory finance reporting including the Annual Statement of Accounts.


Standards related matters are usually only considered at the June and December meetings; two representatives from the Parish and Town Councils in the District and three Independent Persons who are appointed by the Council to assist with Standards Complaints are invited to attend the meetings when standards matters are considered. The Committee’s Standards function is the overseeing of the ethical framework which is intended to help ensure high standards of conduct in local government; promoting and ensuring that Councillors maintain high standards of conduct; reviewing complaints received by the Monitoring Officer and overseeing Ombudsman investigations. app

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