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This page lists the meetings for Cabinet.


Information about Cabinet

The Cabinet is currently made up of 8 members.


Each Cabinet Member has a portfolio of responsibilities related to council services.  Cabinet is the main decision-making committee of the council.  It also makes recommendations to Full Council on the adoption of the budget and other key documents and policies, including the corporate plan.


Cabinet meets every month and is chaired by the Leader of the Council.  The meetings are usually held in the Council Chamber, at the Town Hall, Bexhill-on-Sea, and are generally open for the public to attend. 


Paper copies of the agenda for Cabinet meetings are available on request from Democratic Services.




D.B. Oliver


Strategy and Transformation

• Vision/Corporate Strategy/Economic Growth/Income Growth

• Investment Strategy

• Promotion of the District

• Strategic Partnerships

• External Relations/Communications

S.M. Prochak

(Deputy Leader)

Environment and Place and Member Training Champion

• Waste Reduction/Recycling/Street Cleaning

• Landscapes and Countryside

• Parish and Town Councils – Liaison Rural Rother

• Customer Service

  Disaster Planning

C.A. Bayliss

Economic Development and Regeneration

• Economic Development Strategy/Employment

• Bexhill Town Centre Regeneration/Transition Bexhill Town Council

• Business Engagement/Support/Relationship

• Vision/Corporate Strategy/Economic Growth/Income Growth

T.J.C. Byrne

Housing and Homes

• Housing Strategy/Housing Development/Management/Maintenance (Housing Associations) Private Sector/Social Housing Enforcement

• Homelessness

• Affordable Housing Delivery

• Older Persons

• Travellers/Disabled Facility Grants

K.P. Dixon

Finance and Performance Management

• Medium Term Financial Strategy/ Financial and Treasury Management

• Performance Management/Contract Management

• Corporate Governance

• Procurement/ICT

• Community Grants/Community Infrastructure Levy Awards

• Vision/Corporate Strategy/Economic Growth/Income Growth

K.M. Field

Environmental Management

• Environmental Health/Health and Safety

• Climate Change/Energy/Fuel Poverty/Sustainability Air Quality

• Infrastructure and Connectivity (Transport)

• Street Scene/Parking/Public Conveniences

• Cemeteries

H.L. Timpe

Communities, Culture and Tourism

• Community Facilities and Support

• Heritage Services/Local Community Engagement

• Tourism/Arts and Culture

• Parks/Open Spaces

J. Vine-Hall

Strategic Planning

• Corporate and Local Plan

• Planning Enforcement

• Housing Strategy

• Community Infrastructure Levy

• Vision/Corporate Strategy/Economic Growth/Income Growth app

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