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Community Governance Review Steering Group

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Information about Community Governance Review Steering Group

Aims and Origins:

·        To manage the Community Governance Review (CGR) process, under the terms of reference set by full Council.

·        A CGR is required following the motion passed by Full Council on 22 May 2019.



·        To determine a detailed timetable and consultation programme for the CGR;

·        To progress the review in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007 and the Guidance on CGRs issued by the Department of Communities and Local Government and The Local Government Boundary Commission for England in March 2010;

·        To recommend appropriate electoral arrangements for a parish / town council created within Bexhill-on-Sea, where necessary (including the name of any newly created parish; the number, name and boundaries of any parish wards; the number of councillors to be elected within each ward; and the ordinary year of elections); and

·        To consider and make recommendations on any consequential matters arising from the review which are required to give effect to any subsequent Community Governance Order (CGO), e.g. the transfer and management or custody of property, the setting of precepts for new parishes, provision for the transfer of any functions, rights, liabilities, staff, etc.



·        To recommend to Cabinet, via the Overview and Scrutiny Committee to create a Town Council for Bexhill-on-Sea and if so what types of functions it would seek to undertake.