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Community Infrastructure Levy Steering Group

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Information about Community Infrastructure Levy Steering Group


For the Steering Group to consider and make recommendations to Cabinet on how the Council’s retained portion (Strategic) of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) should be prioritised, as follows:


Scope & Objectives


Infrastructure Delivery

1.               To review and propose revisions to the Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP)[1] to inform the forthcoming Infrastructure Funding Statement. 


2.               Consider how the Strategic CIL should be prioritised against the infrastructure priorities set out in the Infrastructure Delivery Plan, or a revised version of that plan, and to determine how or if Towns and Parishes can access the Strategic portion.



3.               Set the Terms of Reference and procedure for assessing how the Strategic CIL should be allocated, including the membership of the Strategic CIL Decision Making Panel.


4.               To consider how the Authority works with Towns and Parishes to optimise the use of CIL using the Strategic and local portion in-conjunction with the work to be carried out as part of the Infrastructure Delivery Plan


Thresholds for CIL Spending and interrelation with Community Grant funding

5.               To consider the use of Strategic CIL spending thresholds and, if relevant, propose those spending thresholds


6.               To consider how Strategic CIL interrelates with the Community Grant funding process.


Strategic CIL re-distribution

7.               Consider if and how Strategic CIL could be allocated to areas where significant affordable housing is built but does not generate its own CIL. 


8.               Consider if and how Strategic CIL could be allocated to areas where housing is allocated or where it is not allocated.


Review of CIL charging framework

9.               Consider, in the wider context of viability and the delivery of infrastructure within the District, whether there should be a review of the CIL charging schedule (which if a review is recommended will be required to be evidenced and subsequently be tested through an independent Examination process).



[1] This can only be completed once work has been undertaken with the infrastructure providers as part of the evidence base to support the Local Plan Update process