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Planning Committee

Purpose of committee

Purpose of Committee

Planning Committee is responsible for deciding applications for planning permission, listed building consent, conservation area consent, tree preservation and planting and strategic highway and transportation issues. 


You can also view and make comments on current planning applications and find out more information about submitting an application.


Planning Committee meets every month and comprises 14 Councillors.  Meetings commence at 9:30am with a break at 1:00pm or earlier, at the discretion of the Chairman.  Should there be any further business, the Committee will reconvene at 2:00pm or earlier as advised by the Chairman.  Public seating in the Council Chamber is limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.


Public Speaking at Planning Committee

The Council allows the opportunity for the public to address the Planning Committee in cases where a petition of objection or support has been submitted in respect of a current application AND it relates to an application where the final decision is to be taken by the Planning Committee, rather than where the application is decided under delegated authority (by officers). 


Petitions must contain a minimum of 10 signatories.  Only the Head Petitioner(s) or a nominated representative for the petitioners as well as the applicant’s agent (or the applicant where no agent is employed) will be invited, by letter/email, to speak to the Planning Committee normally about one week before the meeting.  Each person making representations may speak for up to five minutes and may be asked questions by members of the Planning Committee.  Members of the public are not allowed to address Planning Committee members at the meeting, unless they have followed the Public Speaking procedure.


Urgency Sub-Committee Membership:

Members: Councillors Mrs M.L. Barnes, S.M. Prochak and J. Vine-Hall. app

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Contact information

Support officer: For all enquiries please contact Email: Tel: 01424 787811