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Climate Change Steering Group

Purpose of committee


On 16 September 2019 Full Council passed a motion declaring a ‘Climate Emergency’ and made a carbon neutrality commitment for Rother District with a target date of 2030. The Climate Change Steering Group has been established by Cabinet to develop, plan and initiate the steps that the Council will need to take to meet this highly ambitious target.



·       To produce an action plan or strategy that is designed to ensure that the operations of the Council are carbon neutral by 2030.

·       To identify relevant existing powers that the Council may exercise, and any additional powers to be requested from Central Government, that could be used to encourage carbon neutrality throughout the district.

·       To identify which policies, strategies and working practices of the Council might require amendment, and to outline a timescale for reviewing these.

·       Identify and consult with existing external bodies and partnerships; and make recommendations on new partnerships that should be established to help achieve the 2030 target.

·       Identify citizens across Rother who are climate champions for their communities and to use them to inform on ideas to implement locally.

·       To investigate all possible sources of external funding and match funding to support this commitment.

·       Investigate what Rother District Council can do to minimise the emission of gases other than CO2 which adversely affect climate change.

·       To present a pre-consultation draft action plan to Council for consideration no later than 24 February 2020, including recommendations for next steps and resource requirements.



For the purposes of this initiative, the operations of the Council are considered to be any action taken by the Council either institutionally or through its Members, staff, volunteers, and contractors in the discharge of its duties. 


In developing the action plan the Steering Group will need to consider the existing carbon footprint of the Council, existing and emerging carbon reducing technologies, opportunities for change in institutional and personal behaviour, the impact of Council property assets, and the likely financial cost and resource requirements for meeting the 2030 target.


The Steering Group will also consider wider issues related to climate change over which the Council might wield influence, but do not directly contribute to our own carbon footprint.


Contact information

Support officer: Julie Hollands.

Postal address:
Town Hall
East Sussex
TN38 3JX