Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Development of Town Hall, Bexhill Site13/01/2021For Determination08/02/2021
To consider the final draft Corporate Plan for recommendation to Council11/01/2021For Determination04/05/2021
To consider a report on the Financial Stability Programme16/12/2020For Determination29/03/2021
To consider applications for Community Grants - Round 216/12/2020For Determination01/03/2021
Disposal of public open space in connection with the leased tennis courts at Egerton Park16/12/2020For Determination08/02/2021
Proposal to extend booking system at Egerton Park tennis courts and introduce a charge16/12/2020For Determination08/02/2021
To consider recommendations from the OSC on the Performance Progress Report: Third Quarter 2020/21, if any10/11/2020For Determination29/03/2021
To recommend to Council the Capital Programme 2021/22 to 2025/26 and Capital Strategy10/11/2020For Determination08/02/2021
To recommend to Council the Treasury Management Strategy Statement and Annual Investment Strategy10/11/2020For Determination08/02/2021
To consider and recommend to Council the Draft Revenue Budget Proposals 2021/2210/11/2020For Determination08/02/2021
To consider the Key Performance Targets for 2021-202210/11/2020For Determination08/02/2021
To consider the development of a Local Lottery to support community funding10/11/2020For Determination08/02/2021
To consider a reference from the Joint Waste and Recycling Committee on the implications of the UK Environment Bill: Initial Preparations and Consideration for Food Waste Requirements13/10/2020For Determination29/03/2021
To consider the installation of a hybrid meeting solution for the Council Chamber16/09/2020For Determination08/02/2021